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Exer-Tech provides for all fitness equipment maintenance needs, ensuring peace of mind for both users and facility owners and managers. Through Exer-Tech’s services, the equipment investments made by our customers are both protected and enhanced as down time and repair cost are minimized, and service life is increased.

Equipment manufacturers provide scheduled maintenance tasks for their products that involve daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannual, and annual tasks. These schedules are designed to keep the equipment functional throughout its specified service life. Exer-Tech strives to construct a maintenance plan that covers all maintenance requirements outlined by manufacturers in their operations manuals. Our proposals are tailored specifically for each facility, based on the individual equipment and type of use.  Moreover, we build upon these maintenance programs by implementing tasks and methods developed through years of experience in the field.


We ensure that all service tasks are always met without compromising costs, and in a timely fashion. Exer-Tech does not sell, buy, refurbish, move or assemble fitness equipment. We do not sell fitness equipment parts and accessories.  So we can essentially focus on maintenance of your equipment. 


As per agreements with our customers, regular preventative maintenance services are performed in monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly intervals. During regular service visits, we inspect all equipment, check error logs, test all major functions, clean, adjust, lubricate, and repair whatever is necessary while logging equipment usage parameters.  Each of our service visits is followed by a detailed report.


Repairs are performed on site by our trained and experienced technicians, and are often completed during the first visit. We carry a great variety of tools and spare parts, which allows us to rectify all common issues, minimizing the need for additional visits.


We address all kind of fitness equipment problems, including mechanical and electronic malfunctions, the upkeep of strength machines (cables, belting, upholstery, structural failures, welding, etc.), and replacement of worn accessories. We also take care of the entertainment systems in newer models.

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